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Web Design, Visual Design, Product Design, Design Strategy, Pitchdeck Design, Corporate Presentation Design

Project Goal

AlphaHQ approached me to refresh their brand identity an give it a modern look and feel. Also, they needed to drive more sales and increase their conversion rate. After weeks of work and collaboration we launched a successful product that brought increased business results. It resulted in a successful investment round (Series A), signing several contracts with Fortune 100 companies and increased customer happiness.

30% increase in conversion rate

Only two weeks after launch they saw an increase in traffic and conversion rate by 30%. Their customers welcomed the new look and feel of the brand. Numerous emails came in with positive feedback and compliments regarding the new website and user experience. In the first two weeks after launch, the sales team declared a 30% increase in conversion rate and a higher client satisfaction rate.

Client Review

We've used Laroche with Eugen for complete redesigns for two of our websites. Service is great, conversion rates are way up, we'll definitely work with them again. - Nisaniel Frome, CMO & Co-Founder

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